About Us

StylenShape is a full service salon and make-up studio that offers exceptional services at prices that don't hurt your pocket! We maintain rigorous standards of quality and hygiene so you get nothing but the best. As pioneers in make-up, beauty, hair and nail extension trends, StylenShape leads with the latest techniques and looks in the beauty industry.

StylenShape Team rigorously research and tests each service and product that is on offer. As a rule, we first practise all the services we offer so you have the best in hair, skincare, beauty services and make-up. Our philosophy is centred around our clients, and to make your experience relaxing, memorable and something you keep coming back to. To build relationships, we encourage an open exchange between yourself and our professionally trained staff to explore the best options that will exceed your expectations. We have an exclusive customer-centric approach, which we are able to achieve by having a low attrition rate within our team. A majority of our staff has been with us for years, which helps us nurture and inspire their talent. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy yourself while you are at StylenShape! Our goal is to offer customised solutions to all your makeover needs apart from all beauty and grooming services with personalised services. We look forward to your continued patronage and creating perfect and many looks together!