Use some of the Most Common Hair Straightening Methods

There are various permanent hair rebonding beauty parlors in Delhi that offer some of the best facilities for your hair. Permanent hair straightening is one of the easiest ways that help to change the appearance of your hair and give them a wonderful look. One of the benefits to straightening is maintenance. Straightened hair is much easier to manage and looks quite cleaner. Just comb your straightened hair and you are all set for the party.

There are a number of permanent hair straightening options available in the market and therefore selecting the best hair rebonding studios in Delhi requires a lot of research and efforts on your part. Acquiring the straightening techniques would become quite expensive and therefore you would only be satisfied with the best possible results. For all those people who have curly hair and dream of having straight and silky hair, it becomes quite difficult to decide on one of the best hair treatments to straighten your hair. There are various hair straightening methods available in the market with different price tags. However, before you choose and move forward with any one method for your hair, know all details about the process. This will help you in taking the decision faster.

What is Rebonding

Hair rebonding is a special technique that is a category that falls under hair straightening. In this method, chemicals are used which in turn seep inside the hair cuticles, breaking away the chemical bonds in the hair that are responsible for making it curly or wavy. It is in this process that the bonds of your hair are broken down with the help of a chemical formula and then once again neutralizers are applied to restructure the bonds. This is a more permanent method than smoothening or keratin.

h2>What is Smoothing and Keratin Treatment all About?

Whereas smoothing is a process, in which hair strands are sealed with the help of a protein product also known as Keratin on the top of which a preventive solution is applied onto the hair with the help of a hot iron. This process is also known as the Keratin hair treatment. This results in changing the structure of the hair, giving it a smoother experience.

Our Services

Some of the services offered at our rebonding studio are:

Pro Keratin Shine Straight for Male

Pro Keratin Shine Straight for Female

Pro Keratin Shine Bond for Male

Pro Keratin Shine Bond for Female

Kera Smooth for Female

Difference between Rebonding and Smoothing

Smoothing is a technique that has been designed to make their hair softer and smoother so as to make it more silky and manageable.

Smoothing makes use of chemicals that are different from all those used in Rebonding

Smoothing still requires rebonding if the desired effect is straight hair.

Results of smoothing last for around 4 to 5 months while the effect of rebonding lasts longer for about 6-7 months.

Tips to Follow to Keep your Hair in Good Shape

Hair spa is also a wonderful method that helps you to get rid of most hair problems for a healthy scalp and hair that will shine and glow for a long time. So before stepping ahead, consult a hair stylist or educate yourself about your hair type and know what suits you in the best possible way. Therefore, to keep your hair in good shape and not cause any damage look for some of the best salons for keratin treatment in Delhi. Once all the process is done, you need to take special care for your hair, as rebounded and smoothened hair needs a little extra care. Hair experts at the rebonding studios by Stylenshape always take extra caution and go a step ahead in providing you with personalized tips.

Therefore, hairstyling is associated with a women’s beauty. The most common hairstyle that is to be seen amongst women in today’s time is straight hair. Most of the women opt for this hairstyle because it looks quite simple and can be managed easily. Therefore, the methods of hair straightening can vary depending on the type of hair that is being treated. Some of the common factors that are to be kept in mind before engaging in any type of hair straightening procedure are thickness, length, and texture.

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